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Therapeutic Healing Personal Care Agency is committed to providing compassionate personal care services to our clients that are in need. As a company, we pride ourselves in providing empathetic care. It is our passion to treat our clients as we desire to be treated through a holistic approach. Our goal is to provide you with the most excellent care possible to ensure the satisfaction of the employees and clients that we serve.

Why have we decided to create this business?

We have decided to the Therapeutic Healing Personal Care for several reasons.  We are both public servants of the community, so we love helping people by giving them the necessary tools to heal them.  Other reason comes from personal experience; we were once left with the hard decision to find care for our loved ones we know, how hard to find home health company to put your trust in. We promise to provide to highest quality of care with the company owned by a registered nurse and special needs teacher.


Local Home Care Experts Here to Serve You

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 I am the co-founder of Therapeutic Healing Personal Care Agency and I am a bachelor's prepared registered nurse that has a passion for patient care. At an early age, I learned the value and importance of providing care for a loved one because I grew up having to care for my own mother who has Multiple Sclerosis. I know the importance of providing quality care from firsthand experience. Prior to becoming a registered nurse, I was in the pharmaceutical industry which has helped me to excel in my current profession. I currently am pursuing my master’s degree and will soon be a Family Nurse Practitioner who provides care for our community. It will be an honor to coordinate with caregivers and clients who wish to obtain personal care services through Therapeutic Healing Personal Care Agency.


Local Home Care Experts Here to Serve You


I am the co-founder of Therapeutic Healing Personal Care Agency. Growing up my family was always very important to me and they have helped me grow into a passionate teacher and caregiver. Having a very loving family made me want to provide the same love and care to others. My professional background consists of being an early childhood education teacher and a background in the field of Information technology (IT). I loved IT, but I soon realized my true passion was teaching children from watching my nieces and nephews. It is very rewarding to teach and watch children that is in my care grow into their full potential. In my current role I have been able to provide love, security and support to children that are developmentally delayed that have diagnoses that range from down syndrome to muscular dystrophy. I have a passion for providing care to people who need it the most which has led me to co-found Therapeutic Healing Personal Care Agency.

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